NewsCreating an Account on TTU Blackboard, Advantages

Creating an Account on TTU Blackboard, Advantages

On February 10th, 1925, TTU was founded in Lubbock, Texas, in the United States. Its other two campuses are in Amarillo and Beatty County. It is a component of the independent Texas Tech University System, which was established in 1923. Across 13 faculties, TTU offers degrees in more than 150 majors.

The university launched a number of tools, including TTU Raiderlink, TechMail, and Blackboard, to improve instructional resources and make learning simple and accessible.

 It is accessible for all of the institute’s academic offerings. Features including online instruction, learning, and knowledge sharing are provided by the portal.

Creating an Account on TTU Blackboard

This platform provides extensive coverage throughout all Texas Tech University campuses. In order to improve the entire educational experience, it enables them to share ideas and talk about the curriculum.

In order to receive benefits from the portal as a TTU Blackboard student, you must first create an account.

  • Go to the Set Up Account option on the TTU eRaider Account official website.
  • Access the “Set-Up Account” menu.
  • Enter all necessary information on the landing page, including your code, DoB, and first and last names. Next, press the Confirm button.
  • After entering the information, select Confirm.
  • After reading the “Terms of Use” clause, select “Agree.”
  • You may need to submit your biographical information if your account is authorized manually by a staff person rather than automatically by the portal. Once you have carefully entered all of the information, click Continue.
  • The site will then request your contact details, which it will use to reset your username or password in the future. This is where you input the phone number and a backup email address. Once that’s done, select Continue.
  • Following that, verification codes will be sent to your email address and phone number by eRaider. Enter the codes into the corresponding fields and press the “Continue” button.
  • Type Password Select a password that satisfies all of the requirements. Next, click on Proceed.
  • Put in the Verification Codes.
  • Finally, check the information you have entered. If it is accurate, click Complete Account Set-Up; if not, go back and enter the proper data again.
  • To complete the account setup, click continue
  • You can now take note of the eRaider Username that appears on the screen.
  • Write down your username for eRaider.
  • Once it’s done, all you need to do to access your dashboard is enter your login and password.

TTU Blackboard  Advantages

Blackboard provides students with a number of options that facilitate their time in college. Students can work with a variety of integrated web-based tools, including blogs, wikis, and e-portfolios, and submit assignments online.

Here are a few advantages that you may take advantage of as a student once you’ve successfully logged into your Bu Blackboard account:

Students are given access to encrypted Tech Mail, which may include personal information from their documents and images. You will be given a special, encrypted Login ID and password to access the site if you are a student at TTU.  Students may stay on top of their course enrollment, assignments, and tests with the aid of Rader Net. They can also see their grades, ranks, and other information.


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