EntertainmentEarn Cash Watching Movies: Exploring Rupetub

Earn Cash Watching Movies: Exploring Rupetub

You have undoubtedly come across Rupetub if you have been looking for websites that would pay you to perform some easy activities on a regular basis. It says you are paid easy money for completing even easier jobs. You don’t know the answers to a lot of the current queries concerning Rupeetub. However, I will address all of your current inquiries, such as Is it legitimate? Are they actually compensated? What kinds of tasks do they provide?

Determining the validity of this website was a challenging task. However, after reading several internet reviews and seeing numerous videos, it became clear if rupetub.com is authentic or not. 

What is Rupetub?

Amidst the multitude of GPT sites, Rupetub is one more. Most likely, the website is Indian. Being a GPT website, it provides a few basic and uncomplicated activities that you can complete to earn money that you can then withdraw. Later on in the article, we shall go into more depth about the duties that they offer.

How to Join Rupetub?

  • It’s really simple to make an account on rupetub.com; not much work is involved. They only require a few basic details, which you fill out to get your account prepared. All they will need is your password, email address, and name.  
  • You can work straight from the website if you’d like to do so from a desktop or laptop. However, using the website from a mobile device could be challenging. They, too, have an app.
  • The procedure for logging in on the app is likewise comparable to that of the website. Therefore, creating an account or logging in to complete the duties is simple.

How to Earn Money from Rupetub?

RupeTub bills itself as the top platform for social media marketing and cryptocurrency promotion in India. They therefore provide as a platform for brands to advertise their goods or services. As a result, they also provide several options for earning money.

Watch Videos

The primary method of earning money on RupeTub requires you to watch videos, for which you will receive payment. Only in the dashboard area are the videos available for viewing. The platform dashboard will initially display one video, but as you view it, another one will load in its place.


It also offers this as a means of earning money. Still, it’s not the primary route. The number of surveys that are available to see could not be as high as the number of films.  Another grievance with it is that users are unable to finish even a single survey. Finally, being unable to finish the survey might become a headache.


The platform offers the same earned and referred functions as all other apps and websites. They provide a very basic referral program where you may suggest others and be rewarded with Rs. 50 if they sign up. If you have a community, it’s a respectable method to make money.


A get-paid-to website called RupeeTub lets you get small money only by viewing movies. In addition to viewing movies, completing surveys and making recommendations are two other ways you may get money.


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