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How to Use Galgotias University Cloud?

A cloud-based program called GU iCloud is brought forward by Galgotias University. It enables student-centered instruction at universities and colleges. Every aspect of a university or college’s operations, from admissions to academics, the back office to accreditations, and desktops to mobiles, is improved. A full web-enabled education administration program called Galgotias University Cloud may be familiar to you if you are a student or faculty member at a university or college. However, what exactly is an icloud and how can it support your educational needs? Let us know more about it in this article.

How to Use Galgotias University Cloud?

You must have an account with your institution’s domain name in order to utilize Galgotias University Cloud. For instance, if you are a faculty member or student at Galgotias University, you may log in at gu.icloudems.com using your employment ID or admission number and password. If your organization allows it, you also have the privilege to log in to the platform using Google.

Once you have successfully logged in to the platform, you will see a dashboard with a list of different modules and features that, based on your role and permissions, you may access. Some of the typical modules include:


You can easily and conveniently monitor and manage your academic activities in this area. It includes your courses, attendance, assignments, tests, grades, and feedback. Additionally, you get access to online learning materials including e-books, videos, quizzes, etc.


Not only this, you can even submit an application, check the progress of your application, pay fees, upload documents, and more using this module. You may also see the requirements for admission, eligibility, cut-off scores, etc. for the many programs that your university offers.


You may check and pay for your tuition, scholarships, loans, and other expenses in the finance module. Additionally, you may produce statements, invoices, and receipts.


Using this module, you may search, borrow, renew, reserve, or request books and other resources from your institution’s digital library. Additionally, you may examine your penalties and library history.


You may apply for hostel housing, check the status of your room assignment, pay hostel fees, and other things using this module. Additionally, you may browse the hostel’s policies, amenities, activities, etc.


This module enables you to pay transportation costs, check your bus route and schedule, and apply for transportation services. Additionally, you may examine the traffic laws, safety precautions, feedback system, etc.

The modules that gu icloud provides don’t stop with these. There are several other courses on GU iCloud that address various facets of managing education. By entering into your account and perusing the menu, you may investigate them.


On the Galgotias University Cloud platform, students and faculties can conveniently log in with their respective account details and then begin enjoying the numerous modules and services that it has to offer to them. Even if you are not yet a user of iCloud GU, you can learn more about how it can assist you with your educational needs by getting in touch with your institution’s administration painlessly.


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