NewsIncreasing Space Power of India: lvm3 m2/oneweb India-1

Increasing Space Power of India: lvm3 m2/oneweb India-1


India is putting a lot of money and effort into boosting its space power. Recognize m2/oneweb india-1’s impending events. When it comes to claiming space, India is a rising star. The Indian Space Research Organization, or ISRO, has already launched numerous famous missions and plans to launch more. The launch of 36 broadband communication satellites utilizing the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 is one such important and exclusive endeavor (LVM3). The mission is referred to as LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1. Let’s try to learn everything there is to know about lvm3 m2/oneweb India-1.

Features of the OneWeb India-1 mission and LVM3

  • The mission’s designation includes the initials M3 to designate the Mark 3 launch vehicle’s second operational launch (LVM 3 or GSLV Mk3).
  • The LVM3 mission is the first one to reach low Earth orbit (LEO). The orbital height of these satellites will be 601 kilometers.
  • With a payload mass of 5,796 kg, one of the highest for ISRO, it is the organization’s first commercial mission.
  • The mission is the first to use multiple satellites.

Information about LVM3

  • The vehicle has three stages. 
  • There are two reliable motor strap-ons.
  •  It has a core stage with liquid propellant. 
  • A cryogenic step is included.


What has the ISRO said?

The chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Dr. Somnath, has referred to this as a “historic occurrence.” Using the LVM3 rocket, the group is planning to launch 36 OneWeb satellites into orbit. According to ISRO’s website, the LVM3 will quickly enter the market for international commercial launch services. The company said that 36 separate satellites will be launched into the LVM3 orbit one at a time. According to ISRO, the OneWeb constellation is in polar LEO orbit. There are a total of 12 orbital planes with a total of 40 satellites.

OneWeb and ISRO

A significant accomplishment is the agreement between NSIL and OneWeb. The commercial division of ISRO is called NSIL, or NewSpace India Ltd. A significant investor in the space-based global communications network OneWeb is Bharti Enterprises of India. Its main goal is to make it possible for businesses, communities, and governments to interact.


In conclusion, with the launch of the LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1 mission, India’s attempts to strengthen its space power have achieved a crucial milestone. This mission demonstrates India’s growing influence in the international space community. With this commercial mission, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which has achieved outstanding progress in space exploration, enters a new phase as it provides worldwide commercial launch services and explores low Earth orbit (LEO). This mission showcases ISRO’s capabilities and technical breakthroughs with a 5,796 kg payload mass. The partnership between NSIL and OneWeb promotes connection and communication on a worldwide scale while further solidifying India’s position as a major player in the space sector. India’s dedication to space exploration keeps the country growing and reaching new heights.


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