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UBG100 – Enjoy a World of Free Online Games, Your Gaming Paradise

Day by day the definition of games is changing from physical presence in the real world to digital presence in the digital world. Nowadays, every person of each age plays games whether it is mobile games or PC games. You can also play online games free of cost on various websites. UBG100 is known for this kind of website where you can play plenty of online games without spending any of your money.

What is UBG100?

UBG100 is a hub of online games that provides a humongous amount of the best games on the internet for free! The games have numerous levels, eye-catching illustrations, and more to keep you busy if you are a devoted gamer. The enormous range of game lists starts for naive as well as expert gamers. They now have a collection of 106 games and counting whether you want to experience some nostalgia or modern graphics gameplay they have all. 

UBG 100 Dashboard Overview

  • You need to search UBG 100 in any of your web browsers. 
  • After accessing that particular website, you can see Home, Games, FAQ, Changelog, and Settings
  • In the Home tab, you can see their featured games, user reviews, updates, etc. 
  • The best part of this website is you don’t have to sign up or log in, you can jump right into the Games tab to play any of their games. 
  • The FAQ tab is there to answer your all queries as well as ask questions outside the FAQ questions.

How To Play Games In UBG 100?

The process of game playing on this website is very simple. 

  • Search UBG 100 in your web browser and click on the first link that appeared
  • After accessing the website just click on the Game tab in the top right corner 
  • Choose any games in the given category whether you want to take yourself in your nostalgic phase or you want some modern graphics to experience
  • After choosing the game you just have to click on that and then boom you can play and enjoy that game

Where To Play UBG 100 Games?

You don’t have to download any kind of application or any kind of software, you also don’t need to have a laptop or PC with highly modified hardware. Your game will start on that tab after clicking it and you can play there.

Discord Channel

They also have a Discord channel you can find on their website named as “Team r0cket” where you have to join and you can add other members in that group as your friends and can play various multiplayer games like “Rooftop Snipers”, “Tube Jumpers”, “Getaway Shootout”, etc and make some remarkable high scores.

You also can ask questions or propose your ideas to implement or your own games to publish on their websites.

Games Available In UBG100

This website has multiple genres of games in its Game tab; such as Multiplayer, Emulator, Flash, Platformer, Driving, Sports, Fighting, Puzzle, and Shooters. They have 

  1. Multiplayer games like “Rooftop Snipers”, “Tube Jumpers”, “Getaway Shootout” where you can play single-player or multiplayer with your friends or other online players. 
  1. Emulator games: “Mario Kart”, “Pokemon Games” if you want to experience the 1980s to 2000s games on modern personal computers, you should definitely check this genre.
  1. Flash games: “Gun Mayhem”, “Zombocalypse”, etc. if you want to explore the rich animation and graphic effects.
  1. They also have featured games you can try playing such as, “Rooftop Snipers”, “Tube Jumpers”, “Slope”, “Stack”, “Coloron”.

Features In UBG 100 Games

Technology Used:

They have games that are built using Unity and HTML5 technology so that you can have maximum experience during gameplay so the game can take you back to your past times when you used to play these types of games for your entertainment. 

Glitch-Free Gaming Experience:

The gameplay is a piece of cake and the refresh rate of those games is smooth like butter and they keep updating the games and the website so you should not face any type of difficulties.

Stress Relief:

Sometimes playing games can decrease the stress level that you face or have in your everyday life. So, you can consider yourself to dive into stress-free digital life to stress real life.

Improve Intellectual Skills:

Playing puzzles, strategic games pokes you to think to find any idea to win or make forward in games. In that process, your intellectual or cognitive skills got sharpened up.

Is It Safe To Play Games In UBG 100?

Playing online games is normally risk-free because the games they are promoting are produced by well-known game developers and don’t have any intention to do any digital heist on a player’s PC or laptop. Also, UBG100 tests and tries to improve each and every game and after that, they promote the games to assure your digital safety and keep you away from potential security risks like hacking or phishing.

If you still feel that there are high potential of hacking or risk of downloading malicious software or having personal information stolen. You should play these online games using Proxy Servers or Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to change your system’s IP Address and Digital Address from the internet so that the hacker or phisher can not track you and harm you or your digital setup easily.


In my opinion, UBG100 is a platform that helps you to reminisce old childhood memories where you don’t have to put your brain into the real world or have to go to the office to make money to survive. That particular feeling you can endure even if you are not in your infancy age. This website will give you a wistful amount of experience as promised when you play these games.


Can you add your own games in UBG100?

Yes, you can promote your own game if the game is of good quality and something users will enjoy. Join their Discord channel if you want to promote your game.

Did UBG100 make/own these games?

No, they don’t own or make these games. They will post all the games with the credit of the owner. 

You found a bug in a game. How do you report it?

You can join their Discord channel and tell them what bug you found or make any interesting suggestions you want them to add.

You have questions but don’t get any answers!?

Don’t worry! Ask your questions straight in their Discord channel to fix your doubts.

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