Health10 advantages of consuming roasted Grams|

10 advantages of consuming roasted Grams|

Chana, or roasted grains, is a superfood with a number of health benefits. They are classified as legumes and are also known as chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Roasted grains are even more healthful than they are when they are raw.

A good source of folate, dietary fibre, beneficial fats, proteins, and minerals is roasted grain. Because they have a protein level that is comparable to meat, they can be used as an alternative. As per because they are low in fat, but it is advised to see a Lahore nutritionist beforehand.   

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Because they are full of healthy nutrients that offer a lot of health benefits, roasted grains are a well-rounded food for your diet. The following are some significant health advantages of roasted lentils:

1. Rich in vegan protein

Roasted grains are great for vegetarians and vegans. These legumes are a fantastic source of the protein that a diet deficient in meat can be missing.

Protein is crucial for a healthy body since it supports the majority of bodily processes, such as the health of your muscles, bones, and metabolism. Roasted gramme proteins give your body energy and can prolong your feeling of satiety.

2. Might promote weight loss

The fibre and protein found in roasted grains assist with controlling weight and may even encourage weight loss. It is a calorie-efficient snack that is nourishing. Because they have a tendency to keep you full for a long time, roasted grains can be a fantastic snack that aids in weight loss.

Even if you’re trying to lose weight, eating roasted grains in between meals will help you control your hunger. Even though moderation is key while trying to reduce weight, watch your portion when eating roasted grains.

3. Could control blood sugar levels

Because it is a potent source of protein and fibre, it lowers blood glucose levels and is essential for preventing diabetes.This dish has a low glycemic index (GI), which helps to reduce unwanted blood sugar spikes after eating.

In addition, the magnesium in roasted grains helps to maintain blood sugar levels, and other minerals are beneficial for controlling blood pressure.. For confirmation regarding how many roasted grammes you should include in your daily food intake, speak with the Best Nutritionist in Islamabad.

4. Can promote digestion

The variety of vitamins and minerals in your body promotes intestinal health. Additionally, it contains a moderate quantity of soluble fibre, which can increase the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria in your body and enhance gut health.

It also lessens the possibility of developing digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The nutrients in roasted grains also help to regulate bowel movements.

5. Might ward off specific illnesses

Roasted grain offers defence against diseases including cancer and heart disease. Vitamins magnesium and potassium control excessive blood pressure and shield your vessels.

Reduced levels of bad cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease are two additional advantages of the soluble fibre found in roasted grains.

The risk of colon cancer is reduced by the fatty acid butyrate through reducing swelling in colon cells. The low GI of roasted grammes reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes, and the vitamin B they contain can help prevent lung and breast cancer.

6. Might enhance bone health

Your bones need calcium to stay healthy.Thankfully, roasted grains include a significant amount of calcium, which can fortify your bones and increase bone mineral density. 

7. Could be useful while expecting

Iron is a vital mineral that your body needs to carry out a number of important tasks.Iron helps the growing infant get enough oxygen and supports the growth and development of the foetus.

When there is a deficiency in iron during pregnancy, the risk of premature birth can rise. The iron in roasted grains will have a significant positive impact on your immune system, which aids in keeping you healthy during pregnancy.  

8. Could be beneficial for skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of roasted grains may help acne patients with edoema by decreasing it. Furthermore, roasted grains contain antioxidants and vitamin C, two skin-beneficial nutrients that can help you prevent scarring and damaged skin cells.

9. May promote healthy male sexual behaviour

When mixed with jaggery, roasted grains can improve sperm motility and treat erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it improves immunity, reduces the risk of sickness, and can lessen the discomfort of men with urinary tract infections (UTIs). They are also heavy in protein, so men seeking to gain muscle can substitute them for meat.

10. Easy to incorporate into your diet

Since gramme is a typical ingredient in Pakistani households, roasting and preserving gramme is a straightforward process. Furthermore, they are inexpensive, allowing you to eat well without going over budget.

They are readily available at small vendors in Pakistani markets, making it simple for you to enjoy them while on the go. Due to their versatility, roasted grains are a terrific complement to many recipes, including salads, dips, and sauces.

How to make at-home roasted grams


1 cup of boiled chana; 1/4 teaspoon each of salt and pepper; and 1 Tbsp. of olive oil.


The chickpeas or chana should be boiled before being allowed to dry.Pre-heat the oven to 200 °C. The chana should be completely dried before being placed in a bowl. The oil and spices should be added after the chana has been spread out on a baking pan that has been lined with butter paper. They should be baked until the required crispness is obtained.

Additionally, you can air fried them rather than bake them. If you are not on a diet, substitute ghee for the olive oil or add cheese. By including such ingredients, you can use it to increase your weight. By adding the spices of your choice, you can customize them to your tastes.

Lemon can also give the roasted grains a little zest. They can be preserved fresh for up to three days when kept in an airtight container. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, combine them with jaggery. You may also use canned chickpeas, but before roasting them, make sure they are dry.

How to Use Roasted Grams

Their crisp texture and nutty flavour make them a popular snack choice among consumers. They can also be included in salads or dips made with tahini.

Risks associated with roasting grams

Although roasted grams are a tasty and filling snack, they could also have some drawbacks. It has a lot of fibre, which, when ingested in moderation, can be beneficial for your stomach, but too much of it might make you feel bloated and gassy.

Similar to how eating too much of them might make you gain weight, choosing fewer portions may be preferable if you’re trying to lose weight. Be cautious while adding ingredients to the roasted grains. Eating roasted grains may have health benefits, but adding cheese or sugar may increase calories and counteract those benefits.

Conclusion of

The tasty delicacy known as roasted grains, or bhuna chana, is widely available in Pakistan. You may purchase roasted grains for a fair price from a variety of roadside sellers in Pakistan, but you can also roast grains at home by baking or air frying them. They are easy to preserve and can be consumed quickly. They are a well-known snack in Pakistan and India due to their low cost and high nutritional content. they promote digestive, immune, and bone health and are a diabetic-friendly diet. They may be advantageous for expectant mothers, as well as for controlling blood sugar levels and perhaps enhancing heart health.

Additionally, roasted grains can be advantageous for expectant moms. It provides plant protein and is a great source of the vital vitamins and minerals your body requires.

Despite their advantages, toasted grains can also be dangerous. To avoid any risk from consuming them, eat them in moderation. Before frequently consuming them, consult your healthcare professional if you are expecting, nursing, or watching your weight

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